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How we're helping our Community? 
We're teaching families special powerful self-care tips to being healthy:  
*protecting & investing in your future

Establishing Community partnerships:

*Stronger Families
*local churches
*Private schools

Proverbs 13:22: "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, but the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous. In God's book, a good man thinks generationally. He does not just prepare for his children's future, but for his grandchildren's".

"Better me" health & fitness coaching

Greeting to you from Better Me by Diane,

I have such an "Urgency" in my heart to help educate families with taking better care of their "Health" and protecting their families with a new way of looking at Life Insurance ("Living Benefits"). As I look around I see so many beautiful people battling with Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and so much more. It really saddens my heart.  I loss someone very special to me with heart disease recently, my Mom. She will always be my hero!!! 

I think about so many things she was trying to teach us. But now I understand it better.  

She lived a life of staying active with yard work, walking, enjoying the pleasures of family, helping 

& loving others, giving to her church members. She taught elementary students for 36 years  and traveled around the world. She also taught us to plan for the unexpected future by having life insurance for herself and her family. This was very important to her. 

I know for sure she loved God and taught us to love Him too!!! I have peace in knowing that she's with Our Heavenly Father. 

In my Mom's honor, Better Me by Diane has developed a New Community Project through Health & Fitness Coaching that's designed to offer 10 Life Changing Tips to Boost Women's Energy Levels and  Educating Families by Protecting their future with Living Benefits.

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licensed field underwriter

 Licensed Field Underwriter in the state of  Texas & California.  We're offering excellent service in helping Families receive Living Benefits that will protect them due to an unexpected disability, critical illness or death. 

We work with A+ Carriers that offer coverage for your families in case of Critical illness, Chronic illness or Terminal illness.

  • Protection that remains with you in case the "unexpected" happens.

  • Affordability and Flexible

  • More than just death benefit protection

  • Benefits that goes beyond Life Insurance


your health is very important!
Let me help you & your family

Let me help you with some Self-Care Tips 

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